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    Please enclose a check in the amount of $210.00 (one child) or $250.00 (two children), payable to Robin E. Pope, for each set of forms ordered. Thank you, and congratulations on the adoption of your child!

    Robin Elizabeth Pope


    These are do-it-yourself forms. Robin E Pope, Attorney, does not represent you in the re-adoption of your child. You are representing yourself.

    You must have a completed adoption from another country in order to use these forms.

    In order to qualify for use of this forms kit, you must have been a resident of Oregon for at least six months immediately prior to filing your Petition for Re-adoption in Oregon.

    These forms do not make your child a citizen of the United States. Please refer to the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, your adoption agency and/or an immigration attorney for more information regarding citizenship for your child.

    These instructions are intended to be general in nature. You are responsible for filling out these forms with the appropriate information and for attaching the required exhibits. You are also responsible for following the appropriate court rules and other requirements of the Oregon court and the Oregon Department of Human Services, Children, Adult & Families, Office for Permanency of Children, Adoption Services (also referred to as DHS/CAF). Please note that there can be variances in the forms and the information required, depending on the facts of each case and requirements of different counties.

    If you make any errors of things do not work for you when using these forms, Robin E Pope, Attorney at Law, is not responsible.